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The vision of the Biosphere Innovation Assembly is to preserve rainforests through digitally enabled intellectual engagement with the rainforest and by providing non-timber forest resource based economic incentives to preserve the rainforest.

We test and evaluate technological, social, and economic solutions to generate new value streams from non-timber resources (food, herbs, natural sounds) and develop alternative materials for timber in partnership with universities and companies around the world.


Sustainable Rainforests

UN predicts that global population is going to rise by 15% to 8.4 billion by 2030 and the primary forest area is predicted to decrease further.

The Biosphere Innovation Assembly addresses the intractable challenge of achieving sustainable development for communities in rainforests and similar sensitive ecological spaces currently under threat. This is a seemingly intractable challenge due to an array of factors such as lack of sustainable technologies to harness non-timber resources from the rainforest, lack of strategic partnerships to build a value stream and to address complex local socio-political issues, and insufficient legal frameworks to conduct systematic interventions.


Research Vision and Mission

The vision of the Assembly is to establish collaborative sustainable rainforest communities through empowering (building networks, knowledge transfer, interdisciplinary methods) and capacity building (equipping with data, new technologies and developing new value opportunities) with a range of local stakeholders that make up rainforest communities – including forest dwellers, peripheral farmers, eco-tourists, manufacturers, NGOs, and policy makers. We focus on scientific, technical, commercial and financial innovations to achieve our goals, based around three overarching Strategic Objectives:


Symbiosis - Promoting ecological wellbeing


How can we make communities associated with the forest more valuable, productive and in harmony with the forest for mutual benefit?

This programme seeks to explore new methods of conservation and development through the identification and cultivation of new products that simultaneously promote biodiversity and reforestation while providing economic benefits and wellbeing to the local communities


Engagement - Promoting social and cultural well-being

How can we create the conditions for life associated with the forest so that they equal or exceed the quality of life, intellectual engagement, and work satisfaction that prevails in cities?

This programme seeks to explore the integration of technology and new ways of working that promote digitally enabled intellectual engagement with rainforests and enable new business models that create new roles and new motivations for rainforest communities towards more fulfilling life and work.


New Value Chains - Promoting economic well-being

How can we support better value creation and agricultural practices that improve and protect life for communities living in and at the peripheries of the forest?

This programme seeks to provide non-timber forest resource based economic incentives to preserve the rainforest through the development of new technologies, the identification of new products, and the enabling of new supply chains and local networks.

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